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"In the pages of 'Masquerade' unfolds a story cherished across generations, a narrative deeply revered by the author's great-grandfather and passed down as a treasured legacy. This enthralling saga is intricately crafted against the backdrop of a war-torn city, once vibrant and now shattered, setting the stage for a historical event whose reverberations are felt through the ages.

At the heart of this tale lies the complex bond between two brothers, Sinclair and August, whose lives are irrevocably changed by the shadow of war and the machinations of the Disgraced King. A masterful contract, cunning in its deception, sets the course for a city's downfall and forges a chasm between the siblings, altering their destinies forever.

As Sinclair navigates through the ruins of what was once a flourishing metropolis, his soul is marred by a profound despair and disbelief at the calamity before him. The sudden appearance of his brother August among the ruins—a figure of defiance in the face of destruction—sparks a burning question that consumes Sinclair's heart: "Why?" Yet, the only answer he finds is in August's chilling smirk, a silent testament to the deep-seated divide that now separates them.

'Masquerade' is a poignant exploration of familial bonds tested by the greatest adversities, a vivid portrayal of loss and resilience, and a reminder of the enduring power of stories to connect us across time. Join Sinclair and August on their poignant journey through despair, betrayal, and the quest for redemption in a world forever changed."

Masquerade Vol. 1

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